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Physical Therapy Terre Haute


Below are some common questions we receive regarding our Physical Therapy, Sports Performance, Work Related Injuries, and Injury Prevention services. 

What conditions do you treat?

Some of the various conditions we address are: 

All Orthopedic and spinal conditions including some of the following 

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

  • Bursitis

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hip pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Arthritis

  • Post operative Rehabilitation

  • Wrist & Hand Pain

  • Foot & Ankle Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Fall Prevention & Balance Training

  • Headaches

How long will I be in therapy?

Each individual session will be approximately 40 minutes or longer if needed.

In contrast to the traditional therapy model of 2-3x/week for 4-6 weeks, our approach will usually take 5-8 sessions.

How much are your services & do you take my insurance?

We are in-network with a number of insurance payers. For more information on your specific health insurance please call for more information. If, however, we are not in-network with your specific insurance, we will likely cost less than a traditional in-network physical therapy.

Initial evaluations : $150
Follow-up sessions: $95


Packages will also be available as an option.
$550 for one (1) evaluation & five (5) 40-minute follow-up sessions


Mobile Clinic service (PT service provided at the client’s home, office, gym, etc.)
$225 for one (1) evaluation
$150 for each (1) 40-minute follow-up session (offered after the initial evaluation).


Contrast with the traditional model of physical therapy:


In-network PT No deductible met: $150 / visit x 15 visits = $2250

In-network PT deductible met with $30 copay: $30/ visit x 15 visits = $450


More money spent & more time missed at work/play


We are aligned with insurance processing norms and can provide you with a claim form in order to seek reimbursement under the terms of your plan.

Can you tell me more about the running & sports performance services?

Our sports performance services:

 Running gait analysis: ( $275)

  • 2D video gait analysis with use of Coach’s Eye software

  • Runscribe®  gait analysis

  • 3 30-minute follow up sessions


Run coaching services: ($300)


We offer a tailor-made race plan based on your current running ability. 


Exercise prescription : $150


We provide maximal lifting testing and designed exercise program to fit individual needs

How does Valley Rehabilitation & Performance (VRP) differ from other therapy clinics?

1. Lack of transparency can be a major frustration for patients when it comes to their healthcare. At VRP we aim to address this problem for the patient as it relates to clear communication related to their condition & treatment but also clearly communicating the financial cost of excellent care.

2. Patients are frustrated with an absence of a personal connection with health care providers. At VRP we remedy this problem for the patient; your clinician will work one on one with you, delivering consistent and thorough care to achieve your goals


​3. Inconsistencies in treatment and diagnosis is a significant issue for most patients. At VRP we remedy this by standardizing the clinician’s approach through a distinctive evaluation and treatment process.

How flexible is your scheduling?

We strive to offer our services to meet a busy lifestyle. Premium services include early morning and late evening hours along with weekend hours. Aside from our in-clinic hours we can offer EFFECTIVE sessions via telehealth or mobile services in your home, office, or gym.

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